San Diego Medical Cannabis Deliveries

We understand that when you need San Diego medical cannabis deliveries, many lesser services fail to respect you, the patient in how they operate.  Far too often we’ve heard the horrible stories, bait and switch, delayed delivery which can sometimes be hours, patients being intimidated or strong armed into paying for medicine they never ordered. When you add to this, non-discreet arrivals or delivery in some unsafe parking lot, we felt it was time for change.

The Purple Dragon Promise

At Purple Dragon, San Diego`s elite medical cannabis delivery service, we have developed what we call the San Diego Medical Cannabis Patient Charter.

The Purple Dragon Promise:

  • When you call for your medical marijuana medicine, the our staff will be courteous, empathetic, knowledgeable and professional.
  • We only buy the highest grade marijuana grown by local growers.
  • We apply strict quality controls to the medical cannabis we offer to ensure that you, the patient, receives the best experience possible.
  • We only use verified safe drivers, who use roadworthy and insured vehicles when we deliver medicinal marijuana throughout San Diego.
  • Our drivers never carry cash, nor any more than the amount of cannabis they deliver.
  • When you order a particular strain or strains of medicinal marijuana from Purple Dragon, this is what you will receive.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our strains, then you can call to discuss a resolution. Our concern is you, unlike many other disreputable delivery services, we put you first.

Call us for all your San Diego medicinal cannabis needs during these hours, or leave a message outside of it.

Thank you.