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Zen Cookies: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for chronic pain, deep relaxation, appetite and sleep!

Zen Cookies was developed by ZenTwist a grower originally from Northern Calif! Between him and Ninja, they have created a variety of marvelous strains. They trade with each other some of their strains they developed to enhance their genetic pools! Zen Cookies was one of these exchanges that ZenTwist then double back crossed and added a certain undisclosed OG! Hence Zen Cookies!

Zen Cookies is a very potent strain recommended not for beginners! This is an indica dominant somewhere in the 60/40 percentile of Head and BodyT yet this girl has some serious head to her to and hits quickly and flows to a steady and increasing body melt.

Can also help in relieving Anxiety, Nausea and Migraines!

Cookie strains became popular because they provide excellent relief for so many things! From stress and pain while not necessarily knocking someone out! One will need to be careful when smoking this Cookie since one too many bowls will quickly take you to another dimension, which you would soon find your self down for the count! Great thing about Zen Cookies is she has very long lasting effects. The smoke is smooth, clean and pure. Grown 100% Organic Soil no pesticides or fungicides. For a Greenhouse this is superior in all fazes and gives any indoor a serious run for her money!If you want to know what a really good Soil grown cannabis strain smokes like, hits like and tastes like this is one to admire for the qulity that was put into her soul! Zen Cookies only at Purple Dragon!! Enjoy Mr DEE;)


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