WOODY’S COOKIES- G.S.C. Bxx Seeds 3pk

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If you like Girl Scout Cookies?! Then step up here! A young man once found what was called Magic Beans and when tossed out upon the ground, they sprouted and grew to a magic Kingdom! Hmmm one has to wonder, what was Jack actually smoking? Me wonders and thinks just what kind of Beans or seeds did good ole Jack actually have?? Well this is a Girl Scout Cookie Cross and honestly this is an awesome strain! Produced by Ninja and it is a back cross but as most everyone knows, GSC genetics is a very dominant strain. In both its looks and smoke. Actually its rather hard to get away from the Cookie influence . What I am saying is this is a very consistent plant I grew some of these this past summer and They were really pretty much all the same maybe a slight difference in how much purple was in the color of the bud. For the most part it is hard dense Buds that did not’ vary in smell or flavor and a really nice Girl Scout Cookie to Grow

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