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CBD Oil Delivery – WONDER DROPS CBD 25-1


Wonder drops CBD Oil is simply a wonderful product that really works and provides relief from a myriad of symptoms. This particular Wonder Drops is a 25-1 ratio so it is perfect for someone who does not want to be feel any effects of the medicine other than no pain / no anxiety. As some say to me when asking I don’t want to feel high! I say this is the best around. Won’t make you sleepy or tired yet you will be able to sleep on them. How good is that? Plus, with Purple Dragon, San Diego`s most trusted CBD Oil delivery service, you can be assured of prompt, professional and discreet CBD Oil delivery.
I also speak from my own personal experience! This marvelous natural plant medicine, helped my Mom in her last few months who was dying of inoperable pancreatic cancer. These drops were the first in a series of wonder products that helped her and gave her a better quality of life. Wonder Drops allowed her to share more quality time with family until her last days awake and alert. Instead of being catatonic on opiates throughout the entire day. Which so many other people live and die like that not knowing there is an alternative. My Mom was 92 and open minded and this opened the eyes of many including the hospice nurses who got to see for themselves the truth of what this plant can do! Yeah we wished it might of cured her, but the problem is most of the time people seek out Cannabis when it’s already too late.
Its sad but true that for may there is still this stigma that it’s some back woods sales pitch con man routine, and only out of desperation do people finally exhaust all other avenues and finally try this. RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil ) is another proven alternative. This mind set against cannabis not being a reliable remedy is due to the direct success of the negative campaign waged upon this amazing plant, that many native people all over the world already knew back then the real truth about it and its cures and aid for pain.

Is it not a crime to tell ridiculous lies that would go on to cause so much grief and suffering all the untold many who have needlessly suffered when there was an answer. Should it not be punishable even as 2nd degree manslaughter that flat out lies were perpetrated against the masses so as those few could profit from nothing more than a need of pure greed and gluttony and control over something that they could never own for themselves all for petty money?! Although you may see this as a ramble I can tell you there are answers for many of our needs and as for a beneficial medicine look no further than the plant itself! If you have any questions then ask for me Mr Dee thank you if you took the time to read this!

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