White Widow x OG

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White Widow x OG: Indoor Indica Dominant Hybrid: Breeder Radcliffe: Excellent for deep body relaxation: Great for Sleep and Chronic Pain: Anxiety relief:

White Widow x Og  or Widow X is a heavy hitting Indica Hybrid. An Obvious cross of White Widow and an undisclosed OG has brought out some dirthy qualities in this girl!  Having a massive supply of CBD’s which can really help one with anxiety, Widow X also helps with soothing body aches and pain just like White Widow.

White Widow is a unique Sativa. She has high amounts of CBD’s Making her a quality daytime functional medication!

White Widow x Og changes course from her cousin White Widow in that she is not a daytime functional. This would be much better used for night time use or when one knows they are not going anywhere for awhile. The Og influence in the White Widow x Og. She is more like a 60/40 indica / sativa. This works well for anyone needing heavier medication for chronc pain, sleep, appetite stimulation, deep relaxation anti anxiety and sleep. This White Widow x Og is perfect for you! Enjoy a well grown strain Mr DEE;)

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