WHITE SHARK- (F1) Unique Sativa High Thc/Cbd’s 3 seed packet

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Harvested 2014: Breeder: NINJA: This is a highly unique strain in that it is a Sativa high in Cbd’s as well as high THC content. We carried this strain of Ninja’s last year. When we tested it at Pharm labs, it came out a whopping 24% in THC and a ridiculous .48 in CBD’s, which is awesome numbers. This gives the patient a great day time medication for chronic pain, as well as a complete alert and focused, functionality during the day. ZenTwist and I both grew this strain last year, and we’re pleasantly rewarded with very consistent and identical looking plants. Being F1’s was very clear as they passed all phases of growth, veg, and flower cycles, Plant structure is very Sativaish with long and tall branch’s very large intermittent water leaves, allowing maximum sunlight to all levels with equal sized buds no matter what level they were. Nice medium dense buds with a lovely amount of resin production, the only slight difference was a ratio of 85% of the plants terpene’s profile was more on the side of a hazy lemony smell, where as the other 15% had a hint of dankyness along with the lemony smell, As far as potency no notable difference in strength. So that is the only notable variance in this wonderful pheno type. You will enjoy and easy to grow.Super Enjoy! Mr DEE:)

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