White Dawg-Medical Marijuana Seeds

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White Dawg-Medical Marijuana Seeds!!!

White Dawg is a combination of 2 people who love their craft. Zentwist from Northern California and Rainbow a breeder from Hawaii. These seeds were created out of a cross of a Hawaiian White Buffalo crossed with a Chem Dog #4 obtained from Zen! This is a hearty plant and definitely grows on the sativa side of things. Bud Structure reminds me a bit of Gorilla Glue large semi dense colas with crazy resin production. Smell is 2 different phenotypes I have seen so far one being more pungent like the chemmy smell of Chemdawg #4 and a sweeter more fruitier smell liken to the gorgeous White Buffalo!

White Dawg is a very stable strain, being she is an F#1 ( That’s genetic lineage, F#1’s are very stable very consistent tend to carry the most dominant traits of both parents in one plant! ) Plant can get pretty tall in the ground in ) Great Sativa to grow does retain a lot of the Chem #4 smell, From all studies done it is a fast finisher, when she’s done she’s done, which gives her a chance from an indoor perspective, shorter time for flower. Many a happy Customer who have grown this strain over the last few years.  ACTUAL SEEDS IN PHOTO!! Happy Growing! Mr DEE 🙂

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