WHITE DAWG – (F1) Sativa Hybrid 3 seed packet

Free Medical Cannabis Guide (PDF 2263kB)

Harvested 2015: Breeder ZenTwist: This is a very Sativa hybrid, meaning large fluffy colas with a massive resin production! this was produced in an exchange program with some growers from Hawaii who were using White Buffalo as a base cross which really helped with the mold and powder mildew issues. White Buffalo is a unique Sativa Hybrid in that the body and CBD’s are very High. This was crossed with a male Chemdog#4 that ZenTwist acquired a So you can smell the chemy influence at time yet it sort of falls back to a fruity floral fragrance. This plant has the potential to get really large, yet is a bit of a faster finisher so typically when shes done, shes done so don’t push it for extra! Reminds me of Gorilla Glue in the semi dense fluffy buds with loads of resin production very heady from the phenos I have grown!! if you like Hybrid sativa’s? This is a very easy plant to grow. Seeds are acclimated to San Diego Environment!

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