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White Buffalo: Sativa Dominant Hybrid:

White Buffalo is a very Unique Strain in what it brings to the table! Her origin lineage is derived from a Romulan crossed with Blackberry Kush x Bay 11. This is a really good daytime functional that has many medicinal contributions for treating a wide range of ailments! From Nausea and Chronic Pain to anxiety and moderate depression, also good for appetite stimulation and interestingly relaxation! Oh yes I said RELAXATION!

Along with a good deep pain free body buzz, this plant has an alert uplifting euphoric vibe:

I also want to say this is where the uniqueness kicks in with a rare combination of deep body relaxation and Alert EUPHORIC well being!  White Buffalo is extremely intense and the best way to describe the sensation is although you have a quazi almost indica dominant sensation you are incredibly aware of everything including just how high yet still very focused and alert you are! Hope that makes sense to you! We’ve had this before and I was ecstatic when we got her again. White Buffalo is a very fun experience! This is often mistaken as being from one of the White families such as white Rhino or White Widow! Yet she is not. she is a hybrid species unto herself! Enjoy a fabulous strain! Mr DEE;)

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