Jungle Boy’s WET BETTY “New Strain”

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Wet Betty: From Jungle boys: 75/25 Indica Dominant Hybrid: Great for Migraines, relaxation Appetite, Sleep:

Wet betty Jungle Boys is one big fat gorgeous girl and quite the sight to behold. Semi dense buds that are Golf ball shape and size and even bigger. The Buds are Literally round in shape. With a hefty amount of glistening resin all over her. Coupled with beautiful deep orange hairs just going in all directions! This was grown to perfection! Her Smell is mostly Danky with a sweet fruity undertone. Similar fragrance to Blue Dream.

New release from Symbiotics Genetics: Seed Creators of Many Jungle Boys Strains:

Wet Betty is a glorious Flower! Quite frankly fooled everyone thinking she was going to be more like a Sativa! Oh no! Not even! This girl is a sneaky Punch in the face leaving you in a Tranquil happy mellow place! Cool thing is she can go both ways! No Pun Intended! Meaning the  more you smoke the deeper in a transe you will go! Enjoy that Happy Place Mr DEE;)


Mr DEE;)

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