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Wedding Cake: Breeder Jungle Boys: 70/30 Indica Dominant:

Wedding Cake is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and the heavy Sedative Indica Cherry Pie. Supposedly the Thc Content of this strain has hit 25% Honestly being a grower myself, ehh its possible. Yet there is no true set one system standard as of yet. I mean honestly no one is even sitting on the Cannabis Bureau of California just yet either so. anyone can say anything they want! Having said that this is an excellent very potent Boutique dessert strains.


Medical Benefits are excellent for treating Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Fibromyalgia.

So if you are a true Connoisseur?! Then Wedding Cake is definitely one you should put on your Bucket List. As far as Quality Grown Flowers is concerned! This hits on all cylinders covering the big 3 when it comes to desirable attributes From Fragrance, Flavor, and overall deep and body and head potency You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy a well grown and cured Wedding Cake by jungle Boys! mr DEE;)


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