Waffles n Syrup New Strain

Pain > Migraines
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Waffles n Syrup: Sativa Dominant: Day time functional: Excellent for chronic pain and Focus:

Waffles n Syrup is an amazing new strain from ZenTwist’s “Zen Gardens” The holy land of Outdoor and Greenhouse growing! Nothing is treated with chemicals and all of it soil grown organically fed with nutrients and watered with solarized living water! I know what the heck a ma geebers does that mean? Well in short Zen uses water only from ponds that he has created that have fish, plants and you name it! All of this is done in total view of the glorious sun!

Waffles n Syrup is a secret cannabis cross that has surprising pain relieving qualities. Along with a very upbeat and euphoric giving properties this is a perfect Sativa Hybrid that brings focus and energy to ones day! Enjoy an amazingly wonderful New Sativa that will easily be a hit with the girls!! Mr DEE;)


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