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Tarantula XXX is the top of the proverbial potency, smack you in the face not for the light hearted Clan! It is the King of them all! This wonderful creation is truly one of a kind and should be smoked by most of you in moderation! Maybe there are a few of you that could handle it by yourself but this was truly designed to be a multi person, multi times medicater! Tarantula XXX is a ground  bud Cone with multiple wax loads and vape drops just to start with! That’s just the inside package! Then she is lovingly taken and has melted shatter covered around the entire Cone. Then the Tarantula is rolled in golden triple AAA kief as the finishing touch. Beautiful to behold and intense to smoke. Strongly suggested for the true veteran of the cannabis world to venture down this rabbit hole of mind numbing medication. We actually have reviews on our Pre-Rolls and Tarantula XXX has won the hearts of many, taken even the as I have already said is the King or should I say Queen?? We don’t believe you can finish one by yourself. We also believe it truly is not necessary in fact it would simply be a waste. We also believe being punched in the face can be a delightful thing!  Enjoy!! Mr DEE 🙂

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