Tahoe Og

Indica Dominant

Tahoe Og: Connoisseur Corner: Indica Dominant:

Tahoe Og is another well sought after strain of the Og family. Another strong super tasty and potent topshelf beauty! This is definitely a face puncher! Truly meant for night time activities. A serious body buzz, that brings a powerful deep body relaxation. It is a wonderful smoke for aches and pains.

Besides a great Pain relief good for Nausea and Migraines as well as appetite stimulation and insomnia!:

This is a really Top Notch Top Shelf strain! It brings an overall 8.8 in overall quality. from flavor, smoke to the deep body  impact potency. It covers all the bases required, in a connoisseur Smoke! Enjoy an excellent Og strain. Mr DEE;)

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