Super Sour Diesel (indoor)

Creativity > Euphoric
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Super Sour Diesel: Sativa Dominant: Great for  stress, anxiety, pain, Semi Day time functional:

Super Sour Diesel is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. It is another great day time semi functional experience for the veteran smoker. A novice smoker may find themseleves overwhelmed with the energy and multpile thoughts that will come on in waves. So seriously not advising for the beginner.

This lovely lady excels at providing loads of energy and a very heavy euphoric and creative atmosphere! So hang on for what wuld be a glorious ride for one who enjoys that sore of thing. Also be prepared for the intense cerbral effects that will occur. Seasoned veterans will love this strain.  Enjoy! a magnificent Super Sour Diesel! Mr DEE:)

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