Super Glue NJ#7

Sativa Hybrid
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Super Glue NJ#7 is a really good, sticky icky flower. This particular batch was let go for an extra couple of weeks and being the Sativa dominant that she is, she showed her gratefulness in her final product. ( Sativas generally like longer finishes, it is inherent to their nature to go 7-8 weeks than the 6 week counterpart Indicas. Because of production timeline issues many people shy away from growing Sativas Which is a damn shame! Simply because they see the bottom line dollar. Shorter time to harvest! More harvests per year. Yet if you really want to see a great example of the difference from what she shows in her resin production?! Then here you are! This is a quality smoke even if we were ding a few points off for her looks. Honestly! I think she looks fine and some of these Glues look like they are using Paclo! in case you were wondering Paclo or gravity or … There is a bunch of different names. Paclo is a growth inhibitor, as well as it makes the bud super tight, hard, and dense. ( That one thing has screwed up the business and look of bud for several decades. Not all buds are supposed to look like that! )
Honestly This is how Glues look to me when I first saw them around. More natural, semi dense and bushy bud, with a crap load of resin. In general Glues are becoming renowned for being the new Bud in town. Mostly because of all the benefits they can provide. Super Glue NJ#7 provides high Cbd and Cbn levels which really help give immense relief from pain while allowing one the functionality for day time activities! She is useful in aiding one who suffers from Migraines, ADHD or even Anxiety Disorders!! The days of just getting stoned and vegging around and cramming your face full of food are over, unless thats what you want to do! One now can truly see that they can do simple to complicated things and they will be alert and focused with a purpose. With Glue becoming the backbone of what we like to call Day Time functional, one can rest assured they don’t have to be a Catatonic Zombie, when dealing with pain. What could be better than that? Please enjoy an excellent strain from US to You. Mr DEE;)

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