Medical Cannabis Seeds ” Super Fire OG “

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Medical Cannabis Seeds (F1): Indica: 3 seed packet: Harvested 2014:
When it comes to medical cannabis seeds?! Ninja, is one of the best, he is very dedicated in procuring the best out of every new strain he ventures in to! He is becoming literally, one of the best underground grower/breeders around. Sitting with him we can talk for hours about genetics and crafting new and great medical cannabis seed strains. I know boring right?! Yet to anyone who is truly passionate about their particular craft, knows exactly what Im talking about. When you love what you do its never a choir! For NINJA it is no different and that is why we are proud to release one of his first favorite creations as he says a Home Run!! Super Fire OG, it was one of his first early success’s that was really consistent and durable, being a decent producer as well as a very potent indica strain as well as a very reliable and consistent seed/plant. You dont have to go through sprouting a mass of seeds, and then go searching through them as they develop, to find that one special one. No these are tried and true, reliable and viable that will produce the same thing over and over.

This is a no brainer for anyone, especially someone who is new to the medical cannabis seed growing community. You will love how easy it is to plant and grow. Without complicated headache of a fussy plant with ppm issues! No seriously I had this plant once that I mean you were 2 ppms off and it was like a disaster for the plant, she would curl her leaves and threaten divorce! Talk about sensitive?!

A quick note: Super Fire OG can definitely add positive influences, and is  an excellent strain to acquire as a genetic addition to your own mad scientist collection of strains. So happy sprouting! Mr DEE:)

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