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Sunset Berry is quite the tasty fragrant strain with a heady sativa vibe and a nice body to complement what we like to call daytime functional. This hits right around a 9.5 all the way around. Qualifying her for a top notch top shelf clean and potent smooth smoke. Trim is superb. Sunset Berry is an excellent choice for someone wanting energy and yet calmness thats the Blueberry influence. She  super dark orange hairs with sticky trichs and this is a very potent indica dominant strain! Of course Sunset Berry is a combo of Sunswet Sherbet and Blueberry. Sherbet or Gelato is another cross of GSC with the naughty Pink Panties. Seriously had to be a guy to name it that??!! All his mother said to him was ! What were you thinking??? This covers a lot of ground and you will love the flavors. A very balanced medication Sooo Enjoy!! Mr DEE

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