Sugar Cookie Glue

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Sugar Cookie Glue (Exclusive Exotic) is right now a mystery strain. Still doing research trying to nail this puppy down. For now we will call it a Hybrid. We are getting mixed reports. The problem seems that some people feel head high and energetic and relaxed yet awake and alert and some people experience head high with a pretty quick full body high that winds up putting them to sleep?! Go figure! Not sure what to make of this! LOL!! I love challenges. How can we have to different reactions? Slightly confusing to say the least! I’m going with the prevailing theory at the moment that because of the Glue influences, That being and why Glue has become so popular to begin with, is that the large amounts of Cbd’s and Cbn’s that are present in Glues as a whole could be so relaxing and such an anti anxiety aid for some that they become so unstressed that they actually are able to relax so completely they just want to lay down and fall into a deep restful sleep, which for them has been sorely needed. This would be an awesome theory, so stay tuned! Sugar Cookie Glue is one of the most beautiful specimens I’ve ever photographed, and honestly though I had seen them all but those blue hues are hard to see until I hit the flash. So much so it kept getting my attention. because it was now you see me, now you don;t and I was like what the hell is going on? Quite remarkable really. Anyway the rest is just as exquisite as her beauty. We feel fortunate to have a grower like Ninja who just keeps coming up with something new again and again. What ever your personal experience may be with this lovely Lady it should be a good one so really enjoy a really nice Sugar Cookie Glue here now and exclusive only to Purple Dragon!! Mr DEE 😉

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