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Strawberry OG: Indoor: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Attributes Deep body relaxation, anti anxiety, creative focus:

Strawberry Og is a really cool 3 way cross consisting of, San Fernando Valley OG, Strawberry Diesel, and Bruce Banner. This lovely fruity fragrant smelling flower is a very unique Indica Hybrid. Along with a deep body relaxation she  has a very uplifting, euphoric and positive well being to her! One can find themselves although stoned they will have a creative streak and focus. Muscians beware you might write your next big hit! Yes!

This is an all around fun and happy mood kind of experience. Strawberry Og will can be very useful for someone needing a get out of the blahs kinfd of day! Our goor friend and grower Ninja grew this and as usual he nailed it! Enjoy an outstanding strain! Mr DEE;)

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