Stanky Franky Blue

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Indoor: Sativa Dominant: Well heres a cool story this strain is originally from Humboldt region. Handed down to my good friend ZENTWIST! Who started playing with her. Stanky Franky was the birthright name and she was a wicked Sativa. I had the privledge of smoking her and I will tell you she was a hell ride and back. I am not a big fan of Sativas and was really assured of that after smoking her. Super racey head rush. I state here and now! [ ” For someone who does not like highend anxiety from those kind of particular sativas, I can tell you this is definitely NOT!!! your cup of tea. ] I will also say the end was excellent after surviving the first hour with ridiculous thoughts and panic attacks. ( I  believe I know what it is like to be MANIC!! ) Hey! Just being honest. ( Some people just love that shit! I really don’t like that shit!! I have enough real life crazy drama and anxiety and excitement in my life! I certainly don’t need to recreate it!! Lmao!! ) But for those who love that sort of thing hang on great ride coming up in a flash!! This cross has some Original Blueberry in her and a bit of Hindu kush but hard to know except for the body buzz. Yet this plant brings the sativa domination with massive gloves and Pyscho-active attributes. Nasa! We have lift off!! All systems go! Enjoy with caution a superb indoor Sativa! Mr DEE.

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