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Sour Diesel: Hybrid Sativa Dominant: Euphoric uplifting, while helping to deal with pain issues.


Been waiting awhile for another good Sour Diesel and then she came into our lives! Lol!! Seriously though the quality of sours has diminished with too many fake wanna bees and diluted Sour strains that for the most part it just doesn’t have the uumpphh! it should have. This one can hold her own this is a super nice almost top of the line indoor Sour Diesel. More of the original traditional fluffier bigger than a Golf Ball Bud. With that fragrant Classic Sour Diesel smell and flavor and loveable potency for sure! This is a great head high that really brings it with nice lung expansion that one expects from a good Sour Diesel! As is the case for Sour D lovers you will get that pleasant energetic and creative burst of enthusiasm that may have you cleaning and organizing your whole house.. Lol!!! You will Enjoy a very traditional old school strain that still makes the East Coasters giggle!! Enjoy! Mr DEE 🙂

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