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What happens when the Sour Kush tried to cross the road?? It ran into The Holy Grail! Viola!!! Sour Grail!! Ok corny but for real this is a nice smooth smoking greenhouse that can put the lights out! Is it the pinnacle of the OG mountain? Most likely not but this still will bring a potent and full medication to the table for chronic pain and achy bones and muscles. You were already taking Sour D and Og Kush and slamming those 2 together and then you cross it with Holy Grail which for all intents and purposes is getting more OG Kush in there. I mean some people just don’t know when to stop! Look this is a nice Indica dominant meant to smash your face in a loving way and why wouldn’t you ask for more?! Got that Ogness in there with some dank buds that were gloriously grown and loved. So dig into the wild side of life, this is a treat! Enjoy! Mr DEE;}

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