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Sour Cherry: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Good for Pain relief, deep relaxation appetite and sleep!


When you smell this your mouth may water! Sour Cherry is an awesome Straight punch in the face Indica dominant with the balls to take you down a notch or 2 if you like challenges! This is a no joke ain’t playing kind of girl. So you want to take her out you better be prepared to respect her. or she might just smack you upside the head when you least expect it. This is one of those that we carry that we strongly suggest is not even for beginners.

Sour Cherry has an inbetweener smell of Cherries and Sour D. Yet unlike Sour Diesel this rocks you hard body wise and you will find yourself seriously stoned if you decide to push the envelope. But some people just don’t want to listen to me and think they are beyond that. Cool for you, btu it is my job to at the very least warn you that things may occur.

Available to New and Returning Customers

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