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This is the smaller sized nugs of some very tasty and potent Silver Animal Cookies! Grown by our own lovable Ninja!! When Ninja started out messing with Girl Scout Cookies the first thing he noticed was GSC is not a very big producer! So he set out improving a strain. Hard to do you ask? Not for him! He first gathered different cuts from all over California then grew them out starting in the 100’s then watching and taking notes of which ones had the best desirable traits! after a year he had narrowed them down to the best 20. He then took those and hit them with pollen from a vigorous undisclosed male. Then sprouted those out and started the process again getting it down to 10 pheno types which eventually after countless more months and pain staking research it was down to 3 Silver Animal had all the desirables one would be looking for in flavor, potency, and just an absolute amazing new look. The resin glands are so vast it makes the plant have a more Silver Hue. a way better producer with a heavier smoke in general. took the 2015 las for first place! Ninja was on to something. You will really like this a a great go to as our own guys are a fan of this as well and she is a very consistent smoke as well. Even though these are just the smaller nug sized version of this plant they will more than get the job done. SO please enjoy an all around tasty Minty award winning smoke found only here at Purple Dragon!! Mr DEE 😉

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