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MGB stands for mixed grade bud! This is a few different indoor strains that has some seed in it. Mostly it is Girl Scout Cookies. It’s the oh crap!! Look what I found hiding beneath all these lovely females, just a few weeks before harvest!
I will say not one person who buys this calls back complaining! It would have been super topshelf if not for that slight problem and there is not that drastic of seeds, seriously not that bad. But how do you sell something that has seed in it?? Oh wait, I know you tell them first and let them decide.

By the way just remember that you are never stuck with anything you don’t want! Not here at Purple Dragon. This is quantity and super Decent quality. still cured right and smells super good and is very tasty and potent!
Like I said there are some seeds, I broke open and picked through a few oz’s, some buds had a few, some have none, good enough to still smoke we were pleasantly surprised for the strength.
We got a great deal and now we are passing it on to you. It’s a mix of upper Shelves. If you don’t mind picking out some seeds? yet still want a good quality bud this is a really good deal! It was unfortunate it had some seed for the grower, yet good for you and us. Good bud a at a fair price. As always Enjoy! Mr DEE

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