San Diego OG / S.D. OG

Pain/Relaxation/appetite > Indica Dominant
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San Diego OG: Indica Dominant: Depro Greenhouse:

San Diego OG is a fresh potent and super couch lock stoney smack you in the proverbial face smoke. A smooth smoking feeling no pain meng kinda of thang! There is absolutely no messing around with this puppy! This is right up there with all of our other top-shelf Fire’s. It is also quite frankly one of the more amazing DEPRO’S you will ever see! Yeeees I said Depro, and it has seriously been loved and nurtured to full glory!

Good for pain, appetite, deep relaxation and sleep.

Look no further than Purple Dragon to supply the top Quality whether it is Indoor / Outdoor / Depro or greenhouse we find and provide the best and you will love San Diego OG an Original. You had it here first! Enjoy a traditional and Classic Og born and raised in good ole San Diego! Mr DEE;)

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