(RSO) CBD Oil: WONDER EXTRACTS 1:1 Ratio 1.8 Grams (THC:720mg/CBD:720MG) TINCTURE EACH

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Purple Dragon is proud to offer Rick Simpson CBD Oil for delivery. to San Diego County. This is basically Rick Simpson oil and is one of the more effective ways of dealing with CHRONIC PAIN. Maybe I get in trouble for saying this but I know I am speaking the truth when I say, ( Is way more effective and beneficial in treating Cancer and other heavy duty maladies, than just about any Freaking Synthesized Pharmaceutical! I am not just speaking from my ass. I am speaking from my heart and my personal experience having treated my own Mother ( Celia ) who had stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Who flat out asked me if I had anything better that the crap opiates that she was on that left her in pretty much a catatonic state. That in her own words not mine said. ” I might as well be dead on this shit because I am so out of it whats the point of being alive??” She went from being bed ridden to enjoying a much fuller life the last 2 and a half months and got quality time with many of her family. It was a blessing to see her pain free and hanging out throughout the day and night. For the average person one grain of rice is enough for effective treatment if you are someone who has more severe you might need to step up to 2 or 3. If treating Cancer a constant increasement as the tolerance levels rise will be needed. Any Questions please feel free to talk ask for Mr Dee. I would be more than willing to share information with you. PAIN SUCKS!!! and there are alternative methods available that are way less harmful to ones joints and organs. The least of all is please do your own research as well! Inform yourself of way better methods for treating pain that doesn’t have the nasty side effects as most Pharmaceuticals that are on the market. This is the real REVOLUTION!! Call Purple Dragon now for Rick Simpson CBD Oil delivery. Thank you Mr DEE;)


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