Jungle Boys PURPLE PUNCH (Sleek Boutique!)

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Jungle Boys Purple Punch: Smooth Smoking 80% Indica Dominant: Deep Body Relaxation coupled with a Euphoric Mind Ease:

This is Jungle Boys Purple Punch! Seriously dude paid $10,000 for the Mother! I have Gots to say well worth the investment! This Girl is so frosty, she looks almost white until you see her up close and super easier under a hi powered lens! This is an incredible bud that hit all 4 phases with a resounding 10/10. From fragrance, looks, taste, and Pure exotic potency!

Purple Punch makes this a winner for many! this is a strain first made popular by Jungle Boys  who pain stakingly sorted through the different pheno types to produce Purple Punch! Seeds they obtained from Symbiotic Genetics! When it comes to kicks the hell out of many! Top of the tip! Hands down this  is a superb smoke! You can’t pass up a chance at tasty perfection! A Smiling Mr DEE;)

Purple Dragon Deal: