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Finally back after a long hiatus, Purple Ninja was and is an in-house favorite! A wonderful 2x cross of an unspecified OG and a GDP this has a phenomenal taste, and hits the head smooth with a pleasant not over the top body buzz. Purple Ninja is grown in indoor soil. This baby is pretty much Organic through and through. She is also tested for everything known to mankind and came out with flying colors. Her smell will have any Purple enthusiast drooling and she won’t disappoint with her nice ndicia dominance! She also has amazingly long legs stoney wise, I mean some serious hours. We tried a small nug that comes from the lower branches, always a good test. and that little sucker smacked 2 of us and lasted forever, very impressed!. it is calming, super relaxing, nice smooth head, and body nothing freaky crazy but a delightful one to share with friends super social. Flavor is earth an fruity with a touch of the Cookies hertiage. An easy peazy winner for sure! Enjoy another in-house creation! Mr DEE 🙂

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