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PURPLE RHINO COOKIES:  Indica Dominant: Great for pain, relaxation, and deep sleep:

Purple Rhino Cookies is almost a pure indica dominant. No fussing around with any super headiness from this girl! This is Couchlock City! True story: A Former employee had the day off and decided on that day it was a great way to start his day! WRONG!!! It was a great way to end his day!

White Rhino which is one of the crosses in this puppy is notoriously known for not having a whole lot of wake me up and get going energy! by the way labt tested this girl at 20% THC rating,

Won’t get into specifics but this was a cross that Ninja developed over time! No kidding around here heavy Indica! With a slightly floral grape purple smell. A tried and true example of the purple famila! Purple Rhino Cookies is a great strain for stress relief and full bodied relaxation. It has been long recognized that the purple family contribute wonderful benefits for the more serious of aches and pains, as well as a good appetite stimulation and a great anti-anxiety medicine. This is a very high end  flower grown with nothing but love, and was cured to perfection. Being indoor soil grown allows this beauty to show off all of her best assets and her multi faceted terpene fragrance. Enjoy Purple Rhino Cookies just one more excellent strain found here only at Purple Dragon. Mr DEE;)

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