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Free Medical Cannabis Guide (PDF 2263kB)

Purple Kush: Pure Indica Dominant: Excellent Cure: Provides deep body relaxation and pain relief: This is coupled along with a wonderful overall euphoric and uplifting experience: Developed from an original Purple Afghani crossed with a Hindu Kush this is a very long relief type of medicine especially for Chronic pain. Purple Kush is now a days can be considered old school since it has been around for quite some time in the Cannabis world. This is the OG of Purple Strains! Originates from Oakland not as popular these days down here mostly because it is a difficult plant to grow not a big producer. Many growers moved on to other types simply because it doesn’t meet production standards! As far as medical benefits it brings all that to the table. i was lucky to find someone who took to the challenge. This is Soil Grown indoor fed with Organic nutrients. this Is a really nice upper Midshelf that you will find gives more than ample relief! Please Enoy Purple Kush! Mr DEE;)

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