Pink Candy

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Pink Candy is just the latest thing to hit Purple Dragon. She seems to have rave reviews in Hollywood! What do those Actors and Musicians know anyway?! Kidding! Not really, yeah unless its Charlie Sheen who didn’t give a rats ass what people thought who can you really trust up there?

Pink Candy is a crushing no holds barred experience. So we like to give the good and the bad, as well as the warning with this one!1 Which is! Only seasoned and experienced pilots should really fly this puppy! Ok now that I have that out of the way let me put this simply. First off, the smell she gives off, only a seasoned veteran may catch the hint from the whiff of the heavy skunk that is lying beneath her incredible intoxicatingly sweet pretty Candy smell!
Who would figure that something that smelled so innocent, would be carrying a whip and handcuffs?? Even possibly a sledge hammer! Hey no one asked me if I wanted an ASS Kicking! Yes Mistress Pink Candy! No Mistress Pink Candy! I want to go home! Lmao!! Okay I get carried away, but I am trying to make a point here and some of you are truly getting this! The rest of you I have this great book you can read called Screw the Roses and send me the Thorns!! Classic reading and very unveiling. No! Not revealing! I meant what I said. Just remember that I warned you about this at some point later on! Peace and happy 420. Mr Dee;)

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