Peak Cartridge .5 Grm ( Tangerine Dream ) Medical Quality

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Medical test results: Thc 50.11 Cbd  .3 Cbn .24

Peak Cartridges Medical Quality Vape Resin from Peak

Peak is the newest and greatest vape cartridge to hit the market. I personally spent a lot of time researching looking for a high end quality Cartridge that didn’t use harmful and or destructive extraction processes. Then I found Peak Cartridges.
The way that many of these companies extraction procedures are they seemingly are obsessed with a bigger is better mentality! Go figure since this business is male dominated! Meaning they are more concerned with the higher THC numbers, than the overall quality produced, which by the way the method almost all companies use destroys many of the other beneficial components, such as Cbns and Cbds. It’s basically a distillation procedure thus losing these key pain relieving ingredients including certain types of different Thcs as well leaving you with a watered down version that gives very little to the medical benefits may be potent and still have effects yet nothing like what Peak does. Someone who with chronic pain or anxiety as well as other issues may be sorely missing out on what Peak Cartridges offer. Don’t be fooled by the ridiculous numbers they boast mine is 76! mine is 84, mine is 94. Hogwash It’s like the difference of fine wine and cheap ass beer. Customers have asked why so much I say that once you’ve tried it you will see 2 things. 1) Cartridge Lasts way longer because of the potency this resin is thick and therefore you need less than these watered down glycol or glycerin cut cheap brands. 2) taste better as well does the job for more needs. Peak is the new standard for sure like the name suggests top of the mountain in quality and Potency!

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