Peak Cartridge .5 Grm ( DEADHEAD OG ) Medical Quality

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Medical test results: Thc 50.11 Cbd  .3 Cbn .24

Peak Cartridges Medical Quality Vape Resin from Peak

Peak is by far above and ahead of 95% most other Vape companies! Why might you ask? Here’s why! First they are non-destructive extractors! Ooo what is that? Let me tell you! Their methods are superior in they don’t destroy any of the valuable components in cannabis. Such as all of the varied Thc’s Cbds, Cbn’s Cbg’s Delta 9 ect, ect. In fact they test for any of the existing and print them on the cartridge. Most oter companies still use a distillation process that destroys most of the valuable ingrediants and leave just a concentrated and specific THC. Big deal right?! Actually it is if your needing and wanting more specific treatment for what ails you. Its like filtering out all of the orange juice and pulp and having just a minute amount of bland taste of what sort of tastes like OJ! c  I personally spent a lot of time researching looking for a high end quality Cartridge that didn’t use harmful and or destructive extraction processes. Then I found Peak Cartridges.

Companies Obsessed with Bigger Better mentality lose site of the real goal: Providing Quality Medicine: Strain Specific:

Go figure since this business is male dominated! Meaning they are more concerned with the higher THC numbers, than the overall quality produced. Someone who has chronic pain or anxiety as well as other issues is sorely missing out on what Peak Cartridges really offer. Don’t be fooled by the ridiculous numbers they boast mine is 76! mine is 84, mine is 94. Hogwash It’s like the difference of fine wine and cheap beer. Customers have asked why are ours more? I say that once you’ve tried it you will see 2 things. 1) Cartridge Lasts way longer because of the potency, its pure resin therefore you need less than these watered down glycol or glycerin cut cheap brands. Also they don’t add Oil Terpenes like orange oil or lemon for flavoring. ( Yes your smoking CITRUS OILS!)  2) Natural strain specific flavors taste better as well does the job for more required needs. ( INCLUDING Pure CBD STRAINS ) Peak is the new standard for sure like the name suggests top of the mountain in quality and Potency! Enjoy! Mr DEE;)

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