Peak Belmont Jam CBD 33.17% THC 20.36% CBN .42%

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Peak is a unique company providing quality product producing pure resin oil as opposed to making cheap oil cut with you name it!

When it comes to vape cartridges these guys do it right. Their process is a non-harmful one. Yeah right! Wait what do you mean Mr Dee? glad you asked many of these companies have become obsessed with making golden , even clear oil, problem is their distilling process destroys many of the other valuable components, such as CBD’s CBN’s the only thing left is a high concentration of Thc and not all of the different Thc’s survive this process either. Basically the oil is refined to the point it looks super pretty and clean, but that is misleading.

People need to know what they are really smoking, so I’m telling you. The point is Cbd and Cbn are both valuable cannabinoids along with Thc. So the first thing you will notice is a much more diversified field of Thc, Cbn, Cbd percentages that have more the effect of smoking bud without the plant matter. The process that Peak uses retains the strain profile in effect and taste! Peak Cartridges have Zero fillers! Zero Flavor additives. Just pure Oil with all of her ingredients. You will notice a difference. This is a splendid Vape Cartridge so seriously enjoy a much better product!!

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