PEAK~ Belmont Jam CBD 33.17% THC 20.36%

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Belmont Jam: Medicinal CBD 33.17% THC 20.36%

Peak is the best in non toxic, clean solventless cannabis oil extraction. Lets just be clear and say you’re pretty much smoking pure resin. Their non distilled process retains all of the natural Cbd, Cbn and Thc components keeping the integrity of the product intact! . they may cost a little more! Yet they are well worth the price. They last longer and are far more diverse in overall performance in what they provide in quality medicine.

Potency Levels can be decieving!

As some competitors would lead you to believe that becsuse they can boast higher Thc levels. What they don’t tell you is that is misleading when their method is a distillation process! This is where many of the valuable componenents are destroyed through extreme heat! Such as Cbd’s and Cbn’s etc, etc!

You will love the taste of Peak products because they taste like you’re actually smoking the plant without all of the other excess plant materials and or added terpenes from other plants such a s orange oils. Once you’ve had Peak you will never go back! Try one and enjoy a quality product! Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for! Mr DEE;)

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