Ninja Resin Kief

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Ninja Resin Kief: Mix of Purple Ninja, Silver Animal Cookies: Potent Indica Dominant Hybrid mix:

Ninja Kief is top of the line! This is a some sticky icky Kief. I was trying to imagine how they did this! This is top quality Ninja Kief a mix of several of his strains into one and you will love this excellent tasting lovely slightly silver tinted crystals! of the finest finest Quality of kief hash you will ever find. Personally I was blown away when I first saw her.  itand when most people order it, it’s pretty much the same comment again and again. ” I’ve never seen anything like this before ” which we respond yeah we know we didn’t either! This is a really well done, clean Ice hash Og Kief. It is AAA grade so fine its like baby powder and super potent, high quality Kief perfect to enhance a bowl or joint. For a bowl best smoked by centering between 2 layers of bud! needs a higher heat less waste. So Enjoy! Mr DEE

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