NL#5 x Jack Herer

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NL#5 x Jack Herer: Indoor: Sativa Dominant: Classification-Daytime functional:

Not all Sativas were made equal! Hence NL#5 x Jack Herer is 2 great strains crossed into each other. Making this one really nice and very potent hybrid bud. Nl#5 x Jack has many different advantages than some other strains due to the both of their excellent lineages. Starting by providing a person with multiple issues, a quality top of the line medication. Whether  it is for pain relief or needing a good energy uplifting boost, or needing to be alert and focused for daily tasks. This strain will provide both. This will not be a sleepy bedtime medicine endeavor.

Excellent for energy, upbeat, alert and focused. Pain relief and migraines nausea.

This wonderful strains usefulness cannot be denied for the multiple benefits it brings. Its Haze and NL#5’s influence is totally present. The unique smell is a lovely and classic lemon piney smell. Jack Herer’s by themselves gave ample relief from pain as well as the anti anxiety calming and the ability to be alert and focused. While Nl#5 lineage came from an indica dominant  Northern Light #4 crossed with a Haze brightening up what had been predominant indica into a much more upbeat yet sedative strain. Both strains have haze crossed into them so in a unique way they are a distant backcrossing. Nl#5 has an interesting attribute of being a seductive arousal enhancer t along with its own pain relieving qualities. Please Enjoy a delightful strain! Mr DEE 😉

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