Ninjas ‘Sugar Trim’ Shake

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This is what we call Sugar Trim its all the edges of the bud flower that gets trimmed straight off the bud it self. and if you look at the picture you will see just that Loads of crystals and hairs! There is Zero, “0”… Water leaf! Straight from the trimmers table to you! There are even some small little nuglets as well floating around, we really don’t bother to pick through it. This is a lot of stuff no one used to even trim back in the day. I feel old, but it is what it is! This is stuff is loaded with crystals great to use for butter or really good home rolling joints! Top Quality of the line, It will be a mix of Several strains including Lady O, Silver Animal, Buddha Smiles, and the New Purple Mints its what we use in our Sugar Jays, Cone Etc.. Etc…So Enjoy!

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