Y/NOT Snaps – Medicated Candies – (250mg)

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Marijuana/Cannabis Medicated Candies infused Edibles Available Now

Y/Not Snaps are medicated cannabis edibles. It’s not like the old days anymore, where everything had an overpowering taste of cannabis. It got to the point it was not enjoyable and for chronic patients! They can finally enjoy something that actually tastes good! The best thing of all is the consistent dosage each time one needs to medicate. Times have changed and now a days medicated edibles come in a variety of foods and flavors, besides just chocolate. Which at one time was one of the few reliable covers for food since it helped mask the strong taste of cannabis. Imagine Blue Raspberry or sour apple!. Yeah there is now such a beautiful thing1 each pack contains a total of 250 milligrams of medication, approximately 25 mg per candy! They come in a variety of other tasty flavors such as watermelon, Orange, and Grape. Y/NOT snaps medicated Cannabis candies is a perfect and great way to medicate when your unable to medicate in the more traditional means such as traveling or in public and unable to smoke. No need to deal with the hassle of a pipe or rolling papers as well as not drawing attention to ones self by any smell. You will love these tasty flavors and makes carrying anywhere a breeze. Please Enjoy! Mr DEE! 🙂

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