Maui Waui

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Maui Waui: Euphoric, uplifting high: A light, uplifting and energetic vibe:

Maui Waui or Maui Wowie goes back to my early days in 60s and 70s! When this was the shit to have at any party you were attending. You were the man! Maui Waui was literally one of the first super potent exotic strains of her time. With her energetic nature this was quite the desired bud to have and smoke. Funny how things come around full circle! Because literally that is what Gorilla Glue’s desireability these days is.

Maui Wowie does have some non sativa-ish qualities in that, she has a nice portion of Cbd’s and Cbn’s. How these interact is what made this such a well sought after smoke. Funny part is none of us knew that back then. Which is why there was such confusion when we finally tried smoking other Sativas. ( HOLY CRAP!!!) Who Knew?! I know I am not alone in this whole experience of what the hell happened and where did this paranoia come from?!

Funny to think that for its time it was one of the most potent cannabis strains of her day, now she is in the middle of the pack! Yet for someone not looking to get really ripped into pieces this is just what the doctor ordered! Did anyone say Fun? Truly a fun strain to smoke! Maui Waui is a very balanced uplifting yet relaxing anti anxiety strain.

Anyway Maui Wowie is a classic functional sativa whose sweet tropical pineapple flavors and high-energy euphoria will seduce you! She is a wonderful smoke for being creative and getting things done. Classic strain worth trying Enjoy! Me DEE;)

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