Green Kush

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Green Kush can be one of those confusing strains! WHy you ask? Glad you asked. Because this is one stoney mother fu%$#@! I mean her smell is deceptive for the hammer that hits your head. You’re just not expecting that from this lady at all. She don’t look like much and from her appearance just just have any super definition for one to say Oh Wow! And thats where she gets you! Green Kush is that sweet innocent looking girl that says come here I wanna tell a secret and you bend over to lend your ear and she smacks you upside the head with a frying pan whamm! This is a stay at home and relax and get fat night eaten munchies galore and just chillin! Sweet Kush will bring a smile to your face and ease th away the pains of the day day. . Seriously this is a potent strain to have that produces a very strong body buzz. Doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor yet for the medicine she provides we can look past that! Please Enjoy Mr DEE 😉

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