Amnesia Cones (Large)

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What is an Amnesia cone?!

Amnesia Cone is a pre-roll. These medium  large leopard spotted cones are made with quality ground bud. That is then carefully blended with smallest of pieces of Ambrosia flower. AMBROSIA is the Queen of infused bud, she took 2nd place in the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Las Vegas. crazy enough, it was in the concentrates category. Turns out there was no infused bud category available. Which is also really good considering the competition against Ambrosia was shatters, waxes, and Co2 oils!

Medical Marijuana benefits of AMBROSIA

Ambrosia by itself is a very potent form of medication. It is very balanced between head and body. Ambrosia has a very potent body sedation and is very popular with our chronically pain oriented patients. This is carried over to the Amnesia Cones which provide the same instant relief and relaxation needed. Amnesia Cones are great for stress, sleep and appetite stimulation as well as acts as a great alternative for anxiety.

For most people it takes several sittings to even finish one. Which is really the point! Amnesia Cones have been well received and is just one more form of a consistent medication we provide at Purple Dragon. Please enjoy a well crafted smoke Mr DEE;).

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