WOODY’S COOKIES (Indoor Boutique)

Pain > Stress relieving
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Woody’s Cookies  Soil Grown Indoor: New Inhouse strain: Indica dominant: Great for pain Relaxation, Appetite and Sleep:

Woody’s Cookies is a superb and consistent Girl Scout Cookie triple cross. Another strain from Ninja that our own staff loves to smoke. A super Quality topshelf! outstanding Connoisseur quality. She is a very smooth smoking minty tasting and very potent strain.

Woody’s Cookies is a Girl Scout Cookie x UK Cheese x Fire OG:

She is also a cousin of Lady “O” The original 2015 Las Vegas Cannabis Cup winner.  Good Heavy hitting bud.  We are thrilled to have what is a 9.5 all around for looks, smell, flavor, potency, and overall medicating properties and abilities. A #1 Quality Smoke! This is another “Home Run!” As NINJA would say!   Thoroughly Enjoy this Awesome Superbly grown Smoke. Mr DEE 😉

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