LADY “O” (Indoor)

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LADY “O” Soil Grown Organic Indoor: Inhouse strain: Indica dominant: Girl Scout Cookie x OG : 2015 Las Vegas Cannabis Cup Winner:

Lady “O” is a superb and consistent smoke and is one of our own wonderful inhouse go to strains that our own staff loves to smoke. A super Quality topshelf! Connoisseur Corner quality: She is both a tasty and potent strain. A smooth smoke that still has heavy influences from her cookie heritage ( Minty aftertaste on exhale. Yet has Og influences yet doesn’t smell like one hence only the “O” in Lady “O”. She is a Ninja creation. A grower of over 38 years experience! By the way just had heart surgery! Sending lots of love Ninja! Lady “O” is a cross of a certain Cookie / a Male cheese and Royal Kush Mama! Crossed with an undisclosed OG. Even hits more like an OG she recently was tested and came out 19.67 in Thc content which is outstanding! .o8 Cbd’s and .o5 Cbn’s. Those are all nice numbers and real! Not manufactured like so many of these places are doing. We are thrilled to have what is a 9.5 all around for looks, smell, flavor, potency, and overall medicating properties and abilities. Lady “O” is a #1 Quality Smoke! This is a “Home Run!” As NINJA would say! Lady “O” is also the sister to Silver Animal Cookies which was the 2015 Las Vegas Cannabis cup winner . NInja has also designed Sugar Cookie Glue, Purple Ninja, Purple Cheese, Candy Mann Super Glue NJ#7 This smoke is good for pain, anxiety, appetite and sleep! Thoroughly Enjoy this Awesome Superbly grown Smoke. Mr DEE 😉

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