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(Indoor) She’s back in a silver Green. Lady “O” has always been one of our most consistent in-house quality strains. She is a cross of Silver Animal Cookies which itself is a high end Girl Scout Cookie crossed with an undisclosed male! This can only be found at Purple Dragon! Lady “O” is an Indica Dominant that provides ample pain relief and relaxation. Ninja is her creator, he is an old school grower who has been growing for more than 30 years and takes a love and pride in his work. Ninja loves what he does and it shows. Lady “O” is one of our favorites here at Purple Dragon. Lady “O” is a solid go to any time you’re needing something reliable, even though she is a cross she still retains a that lovely mint after taste upon exhale. Lady”O” is great as a pain medication and smoke enough and she can put you to sleep. Side note Ninja is also the Father of the fantastic Purple Ninja, as well as Silver Animal Cookies, Purple Cheese, Buddha Smiles and Super Glue NJ#7 This is a Heavy smoke a Choker with lung Expansion! It is great for pain as well as anxiety. So please thoroughly Enjoy this Awesome Looking, and Superbly grown Smoke. Mr DEE

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