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Grape Juicy: Nice body relaxation that offers one a super mellow touch:

Grape Juicy will ease you on down that road of chillness yet put you in the mood for a relaxing socializing vibe! Anyone for Berry White? Not the strain!! A new strain that has a variety of crosses! Descended from Taheoe crossed with Cherry Pie thi lovely lady brings her charm with incredible grape frgrance that makes your mouth water! That was then crossed with Grape Dosi Which was Grape Ape and Doe Si Do cross! Makes one eyes crossed just thinking about all the different things in this beautiful girl!

Jungle boys may have figured out how to name brand but their style is kind of class less! This was supposed to be a strain they developed but have since retracted because as usual greed intercedes!! Thoroughly Enjoy another what was a Jungle Boys Strain Grape Juicy creation! Mr DEE;)



Purple Dragon Deal: