JEDI KNIGHT OG -aka- Qui Gon Jinn

Migraines > Stress relieving
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Jedi Knight Og: Star Wars series: Cross of Death Star and SFV Og.  Great for PTSD, Depression, Stress, headaches and appetite.

The best thing about Jedi Knight Og is you will find yourself extremely functional! Jedi is a very unique Indica that  acts more like a Sativa bringing a serious euphoric cerebral energy to the brain. Even though this strain had some heavy duty indicas crossed into her, you will find you can get things done while being pain free. This is due to the mass amounts of CBD’s this strain produces.

One who suffers from Depression or PTSD would especially find this strain useful in dealing with their malaise!

This strain has tested as high as 15-30% Thc and the long lasting legs this has can go into several hours. If your looking for a quality Day time medicinal functional flower this is one that should be in your pipe. Please Enjoy a well grown indoor strain! Mr DEE;)

Excellent day time functional!

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