Kushy Punch Gummy ( Indica 100mg )

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Kushy Punch:  Indica: Plum flavored Gummy: Good for relaxation pain sleep:

Kushy Punch is the most consistent Gummy out there. You will never be dismayed at potency levels that are all over the place like some other brands are!  From one gummy to the next! Time after time they will be exactly the same as the last one you first tried! Although a bold statement that is  the simple truth. This is why we carry this awesome gummy in the first place.

Kushy Punch carries a list that consists of  potency, easily portable, and great-tasting flavors. Starting with a clean safe extraction process, they keep the product free and clear of harsh chemicals. Kushy Punch is crafted and formulated by professional confectionery chefs, that produce a superb quality and taste. They use high grade gelatin leaf, natural flavor extracts, and essential oils. No powdered gelatin, cornstarch, corn syrup, or artificial flavoring is ever used, bringing you an award-winning premium cannabis gummy edible. Enjoy Mr Dee;)

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