HAWAIIAN BUFFALO – (F1) Sativa Hybrid 5 seed packet

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HAWAIIAN BUFFALO: Harvested 2015:  Breeder ZenTwist: 60/40% Sativa Dominant Hybrid cross of ChemDawg#4 and White Buffalo:

Hawaiian Buffalo is an interesting strain that produces very large semi dense colas. From our own test results we were intrigued by the thick resin production!

Hawaiian Buffalo was produced from an exchange program with some growers from Hawaii who were used the prolific “White Buffalo” as a base cross. This really helped with mold and powder mildew issues which is a problematic situation in Hawaii with the constant humidity that is always present. White Buffalo herself is a very Unique Sativa! For a Sativa she produces a very high amount of cbd’s inducing a heavy body high coupled with an intense uplifting energizing yet focused cerebral experience.

ZenTwist crossed Chemdawg#4 with White Buffalo! Producing a consistent F1!  ChemDawg#4 being a very heavy indica dominant helped in better resin production and a stronger body medication. In fact out of the ChemDawg series #4 is the only one that has an indica dominant influence. This is great for maximum pain relief and deep relaxation and appetite stimulation as well as an enjoyable and alert head experience.

Hawaiian Buffalo can grow rather large we’ve never taken her all the way, yet does fine in smaller containers. Her Body structure is more like a sativa sparse open fan leaves, long strong branch’s with large colas from top to bottom. Yet interestingly she is a fast finisher. This is not a typical trait amongst Sativas so the benefit is obvious for any indoor grower. Typically when she’s done, she’s done! Be careful pushing her past her best potential! Hawaiian Buffalo is very consistent. If you like sativa hybrids this is a fun one to grow. The seeds are acclimated to coastal california environment! Enjoy MrDEE;)

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