Granola Funk ( Organic Connoisseur )

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Granola Funk: Indica Dominant Hybrid: Organic Soil Greenhouse:

Let’s start by saying simply DELICIOUS!!! Thats right! Granola Funk is one of the tastier strains around and totally that lives up to her hype. This gorgeous purple flecked flower with truly amazing flavor will put a smile on your face, while lovingly punching it! Granola Funk was created with crossing a Girl Scout Cookie with a Wookie #15. This girl has eye and smell appeal and is a smooth smoke.

Good for pain, sleep and relaxation as well as appetite stimulation!

Granola Funk can be used in the day if you don’t over do it! Better suited for more the after hours evening and certainly is not for driving. For sleep smoking an extra bowl will put you over the edge for Ni Ni time. Was super stoked to pick this up heard it was the rave in L.A. Well now she is here. So Enjoy another unique and tasty strain  from Purple Dragon! Mr Dee;)


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